Company Profile


Computer System

♦ BM implement ERP package using Microsoft Business Solution “Great Plains” .
♦ This package facilitates the integration of all BM business processes to have a reliable information source that helps in making the right decision at the right time.
♦ BM has it’s own IT staff, they are responsible for all IT activities (both software and hardware) in all BM branches.
♦ BM IT staff has developed a lot of systems that help BM business processes, like Sky Eye, Service Call Management, Service Contract Management and Payroll systems.

This system helps us in

1- Inventory control. (Expiry dates monitoring, lot tracking, barcode system,...etc)
2- Purchase Order Processing (PO issuing, status tracking, fulfilling, …etc)
3- Sales Order Processing (Sales Quotes, Orders, Back Orders, Invoices and Returns,
4- Tender Analysis, …etc)
5- Receivables Management
6- Payables Management
7- Bank Reconciliation (Customers’ L/G tracking and Suppliers’ L/C tracking, …etc)
8- Marketing information for planning
9- Management Information system
10- All financial activities
11- Reagent Deals monitoring
12- Fixed Assets Management system
13- Advanced distribution management system
14- Collection Management
15- Payroll and Human Resources Management
16- Customer Relationship Management ( Sales representatives follow-up and monitoring, Sales achievement Vs Target, …etc)
17- Reporting System (Crystal Reports, OLAP)