NuMed Company Profile

Major Commercial Organization

Active REC Pillars of the African Economic Community

Africa .. Tough Challenges & Great Opportunities


♦ Inequitable access to healthcare in key markets
♦ Complex and diversified regulations and varying stakeholders.
♦ Cost containment initiatives including price controls
     Thru international price referencing.
♦ Talents access and retention.


♦ Positive market outlook despite economic and political turmoil.
♦ Governments investing in modernizing and expand healthcare.
♦ Trend to move towards universal insurance coverage (Egypt, Algeria and Morocco)
♦ Growing population creating solid growing demand


NuMed is determined to be the major exporter of the
Egyptian pharmaceutical & healthcare products by 2020.


♦ Aligning the Industry with the governmental bodies behind the common goal, optimizing profitable & substantial sales growth driven by improving the image of the Egyptian industry.
♦ NuMed is committed to increase the access of Egyptian Pharmaceutical & healthcare products through organizational excellence while adhering to the highest standards of business conduct.

Major Lines

♦ Pharmaceuticals
♦ Medical Devices
♦ Laboratory Instruments
♦ Cosmetics