Company Profile


BM-Egypt has two methods of conducting business:

1.Direct Sales from BM-Egypt Warehouses to End User. In such a case, we act as an importer to suppliers whom we represent. Imported products are stored in our warehouses before being delivered To customers before delivery.

2.Indirect Sales from Suppliers to End User. In this case,BM-Egypt promotes the products and the customer imports directly from supplier. Indirect sale is used mostly for customers who are exempted from custom duties,taxes and stamps Also, it is used in international and turnkey tenders where BM-Egypt is making the Marketing, sales, Installation, training, warranty and maintenance activities.

In both cases,BM-Egypt Offers the customers the following services and do not depend on other companies to do them for it:

♦ Delivery:BM-Egypt delivery staff executes any received purchase order very fast (maximum delivery time is 24 hours).

♦ After sales service: BM-Egypt installs instruments, train customers for operation, service instruments during warranty period and conduct service after warranty.

♦ Finance: BM-Egypt is financing the capital equipment sold to customers if needed and it is also Offering credit facilities to its customers from its own resources.

♦ Custom clearance:BM-Egypt has custom clearance potentials to help customers clearing their goods Even if they import straight from suppliers.

♦ Invoicing Collection:BM-Egypt collection staff is highly motivated to decrease the receivables and to Shorten the payment periods by a continuous customer follow-up system